Virus specimen collection tube

Disposable virus sample collection tube is used to collect and deliver a clinical specimen containing viruses, from the acquisition spot to the test laboratory. This kit can apply standard clinical laboratory operating procedures for virusl culturing or testing.

Product Description:

Product name

Virus specimen collection tube


1Unused disposable virus specimen collection tubes store in dark place under room temperature

2After opening the outer packaging, check the product first, make sure its not damaged; if the product is damaged,using is strictly prohibited

3Due to the sampling fluid contains antibiotics, which have inhibitory effect on bacteria, therefore, the virus specimen collection tube is only used for the sampling of the viral specimen. It is strictly forbidden to used for the sampling of bacterial specimen

4The virus specimen collection tube prohibits direct contact with the patient and cannot used for sampling after wetting

5When sampling, the sampling place should be accurate, the sample force should be appropriate, otherwise the virus may be affected, then exhibit positive.

6The collected virus specimen collection tube is transported in an inappropriate temperature will cause bacterial proliferation. Antibiotics in the pre-sampled liquid will completely inhibit microorganisms in viral samples. When separate the virus, the sample should be further handled  with antibiotics to prevent microbial pollution

7This product is for one-time use. After use, it should be placed in a special disposal container to be destroyed




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